Review: 12 Mighty Orphans

12 Mighty Orphans (2021)

Director: Ty Roberts

Writers: Ty Roberts, Lane Garrison, and Kevin Meyer

Starring: Luke Wilson, Vinessa Shaw, Wayne Knight, Jake Austin Walker, Jacob Lofland, Levi Dylan, Robert Duvall, and Martin Sheen

Plot: A new coach turns a team of orphans who’ve never played football before into one of the most innovative teams in history.

Review: Whoever was in charge of choosing the release date for 12 Mighty Orphans deserves a raise. Because, holy shit, this is a Father’s Day movie if I’ve ever seen one. It’s the sort of flick that your dad would rent from Redbox and then rave about to you. Then, you’d go out of your way to watch it and it’s… fine. I guess. Of course, he’d ask you about it the next time you saw each other and what are you going to do? Insult your dad’s taste? No! You’re going to over exaggerate how much you liked it to make him happy. And for years, you’re dad will think you’ve bonded over 12 Mighty Orphans, when in reality you’ve forgotten all about it. Yeah. Someone at Sony knows their market.

I didn’t dislike 12 Mighty Orphans. In fact, I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. The problem lies in that I don’t have much good to say about it either. Everything about it is fine. The plot is very predictable, but fine. The acting is alright, aside from a fun, over the top, scene-chewing, villainous performance from Wayne Knight. The directing is decent enough. It’s an interesting enough diversion for an afternoon, but doesn’t have anything that’ll make it stand out. It’s just one of a million other underdog sports movies.

So, would I recommend 12 Mighty Orphans? Sure. There’s worse ways to waste two hours. But it’s not an especially strong recommendation either. It’s in one ear out the other. A forgettable, perfectly adequate, fine sports movie… that your dad will love.

Side note: Every time I go to type 12 Mighty Orphans, there’s a moment where I start to type 12 Angry Orphans and then completely blank at what the actual title is. So, there’s that…

TL;DR: While there’s nothing wrong with 12 Mighty Orphans, there’s nothing that makes it stand out either.

Score: 6/10 (Ok)

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